420,000 medias to share on Audiofanzine!

420,000 medias to share on Audiofanzine!

Audiofanzine is proud to announce the release of its new Media section, which already includes 395,000 images, 21,400 videos and 4,400 audio files!

Increase your exposure for free

The good news is that you can share your own videos, sounds and images on Audiofanzine, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or end user.

Increase the visibility of your content and promote your brands FOR FREE!

Any media uploaded on Audiofanzine will also be published on our international network : Audiofanzine in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.


How to add you own content:

1. Just login directly or via Facebook or subscribe. We suggest that you use a clear corporate name if you upload content made by your company (such as brandName_USA if your are the US branch of the manufacturer)

2. Go to the media home page and click on “add an image”, “add a video” or “add an audio file”

3. In the “this is about…”, choose the one or several product(s) related to this content. By selecting the related product(s) you will automatically increase visibility of this media to your product page, your brand page and the category of your product.

More info

  • Audio files should be in MP3 format. Please don’t upload concerts or full length tracks: the goal is to illustrate the products you want to promote.
  • Videos can be links from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion only.
  • Images can be of any size and any bitmap format (Jpeg, Gif, Bmp…)
  • Note that Audiofanzine reserves the right to reject any submitted content that would not fit site.

Enjoy browsing or participating!