Audiofanzine goes V4!

January 2000: Audiofanzine is a personal website with static HTML pages.

2001: The whole website evolves to dynamic PHP & MySQL pages.

April 4, 2002: Audiofanzine turns V3 with a unique “web 2.0” CMS (see History) and soon after it is followed by V3.5 and some major improvements in design.

It took more than one year to rewrite all of Audiofanzine’s code so that in 2009 a brand new version packed with improvements could be born:

  • Cleaner and more object-focused code
  • Native multi-language management
  • Graphic and ergonomic improvements (dedicated start page, WYSIWYG editor, better access for blind users)
  • Shared media integration (allows any member to publish video, audio, graphic, and data content for any product/brand/category)
  • And many more improvements!

Following the technical launch of Audiofanzine V4, each language site will be migrated one by one to the new platform.