Fender Reconnects With Consumers

Fender Reconnects With Consumers

For the first time in its history, the world famous Fender Musical Instruments has decided to provide consumers with the ability to customize and order instruments directly from Fender’s web site beginning late November of 2013.

Originally, Fender’s web site had redirected consumers to different musical instrument retailers in order to finalize purchase of their instruments.  Under this new strategy, however, consumers can not only buy directly from Fender, but also customize the iconic Telecaster and Stratocaster to their own unique specifications, provided that they’re willing to wait around two to three months for delivery.

More than anything, this change in Fender’s strategy reveals their newfound desire to better understand their consumers.  By directly selling to consumers, routinely providing product status updates, allowing for more customization, as well as building and maintaining an online community, Fender has made it clear that they want their consumers to interact with their brand.

Time will tell how this new move will effect the music industry’s future landscape, particularly its effect on top musical instrument retailers.  One thing’s for certain, however: this is big news for a big company, and change is inevitable.


Source: PeHub