FutureProducers and HomeRecording Special Offer

FutureProducers and HomeRecording Special Offer

At Bordas Media, we care about you musicians, producers and independent companies who are just starting off, and want to do whatever we can to help you get started in realizing your dreams of becoming the big-time producers, beat makers and sound engineers of the future.

As such, we have a special one-time offer for you that we believe will perfectly fit your needs.

Again, this is a one-time offer so please keep in mind that, once you’ve already taken advantage of it, we will not be able to provide this offer again in the future. The price list for this offer is usually more than $4,000 and our special is a one-time deal for only $280!

Details are as follows:

Special offer for musicians!!! -93% self-service online campaign

  • Reach up to 300,000 different visitors!
  • Your banner will be FutureProducers.com or HomeRecording.com run-of-site, worldwide! 

Campaign details:

  • One top 728×90 pixels banner
  • 300,000 page impressions campaign, starting when we receive your banner, until the 300,000 page impressions are delivered (no end date – can take about 1-3 months) 


  • The banner has to be related to selling/promoting music
  • This offer is only for personals or small companies. Each entity can use this offer only once
  • You are to put a link that directs people from your personal/music site to FutureProducers.com or HomeRecording.com
  • The campaign will be capped at 3 impressions/minute (meaning the same user will not see your banner more than 3 times per minute)
  • Static banners only (JPEG or PNG – these normally get a higher click-through rate compared to Flash/animated banners!)
  • Your campaign will be complementary, and as such, other higher-priced campaigns will show up first, and in the event of overbooking, you may not see your banner for a period of time (but rest assured, it WILL be delivered)
  • Worldwide (no geographic targeting or sub-targeting), RUN-OF-SITE
  • Pricing : $280 instead of $4050… a 93% discount!!!
  • Up-front payment by Paypal

How to start:

1. Send a PayPal payment of $280 to services@bordasmedia.com, with “SPECIAL93” in the PayPal comments section

2. Prepare a JPEG or PNG file < 100 KB banner, format 728×90 pixels. E-mail it to sales@bordasmedia.com and specify your Paypal email address (if you have one)

3. We will confirm that your banner complies with our technical guidelines

4. When payment is received we will send you a reference number for your records and launch your campaign ASAP!


If you had any additional questions or concerns, simply click on the “Contact Us” button to the left.

We’re looking forward to helping your business grow!

The Bordas Media Team-