FAQ and General Terms of Sale (Banner Campaigns)

Version 1.1 / 2012-10-24

Please read the general terms of sale carefully to ensure proper understanding and execution of online advertising campaigns through Bordas Media.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if anything is unclear before signing a contract or at any point during your advertising campaign.

Graphic Content Submission

It is of the utmost importance that the client observes the technical specifications.

Technical specifications are available at the following address: http://www.bordasmedia.com/technical-specs-banners/

We need some time to carry out publishing tests online and to detect possible problems with the banners. If the banner does not comply with the technical specifications, it will be sent back to the client for correction.  If the client does not provide a corrected banner before the deadline, our graphic designers will edit the banner so that it complies with the technical specifications. We reserve the right to charge up to 100€ (excluding VAT) for technical compliance services.

It is of the utmost importance that the client respects the deadline for the delivery of graphic content because Bordas Media reserves the advertising space requested by the advertiser over the entire period of time specified in the agreement. Thus, the advertising campaign must be launched on the date specified in the contract. If the client creates the banner, he or she must deliver it at least one week before the campaign starts. If the client provides the banner less than one week before the campaign starts, Bordas Media cannot be held responsible for delays in the launch of the campaign.

The campaign will be billed starting from the day specified in the contract, even if the client delivers the graphic content afterward. In this case, the number of impressions will be delivered in the period of time extending from the actual banner publishing date to the end date agreed. For example: you purchase an advertising campaign that includes 1.2 million impressions over a twelve month period extending from January 1 to December 31 and you provide your banner on January 15. You will get twelve invoices (starting with the first invoice on January 1) and the 1.2 million banner impressions agreed upon will be delivered in the period of time starting from January 15th to December 31st.

If the client provides the content more than one month after the agreed upon start date, Bordas Media will charge 50% of the advertising campaign to compensate for the loss of income due to the reservation of unused advertising space.

Promotion Principles

In the case of an impressions-based campaign, the campaign agreement consists of a specific number of times an ad is to be displayed to Bordas Media visitors over a given period of time. For example: you purchase a campaign of 1.2 million impressions over one year, i.e. an average of 100,000 monthly impressions.

In the case of an exclusive ad (on the start page or in a specific category), the advertising agreement consists of exclusive, unlimited banner impressions to Bordas Media visitors located in the country of the client.
The contract does not imply certain limitations explained in the following paragraphs.

Impressions Statistics

The client has access to banner impressions and click-through statistics online with his or her username and password and/or through periodic reports emailed on demand. These statistics are provided by a third party, an independent technical platform for adserving solutions: www.smartadserver.com. The statistics provided by SmartAdServer alone can attest to the positive promotion of the campaign.

Click-Through Rate

A non-targeted ad on the Internet can have a click-through rate of 0.01%. On our sites, an ad generally has a click-through rate from 0.1% to 1% depending on its targeting, quantity, frequency, and on the visitor’s interest in the ad.

However, we guarantee no minimum click-through rate. Our traffic managers will monitor your advertising campaign and inform you whenever they spot a low performance metric pertaining to your banner so that you can adjust and improve your campaign parameters (e.g. the targeting) accordingly.

Our ad server is able to count the number of clicks on Flash banners if the banner creator followed the technical specifications (ClickTag) available at http://manage.smartadserver.com/gestion/flash/. Conversely, if it were necessary to publish the banner without a properly defined ClickTag, the clicks might not be counted correctly. However, the banner still remains clickable. Bordas Media is not held responsible if the clicks cannot be counted due to noncompliance with technical specifications.

Banner Exposure

If you do not see your banner from your own computer, it does not mean that there is a distribution problem with your advertising campaign.

There are several reasons why this can happen:

  • Your geolocation with respect to your campaign’s targeted distribution.

For example: you have a IP address from the USA and you target your advertising campaign in Australia. If that’s the case, you will never see your banner from your US office.

  • You are browsing through a category which is not targeted by your banner.
  • You have a low share from the total number of impressions available.

For example: for an advertising campaign consisting of 100,000 impressions per month in the “Guitar” category  (which has a total of five million impressions per month), the probability of seeing your banner is 2% (100,000/5 million). You may not see your banner frequently even though it will be seen by 100,000 visitors.

  • An ad blocker is installed on your computer, in which case the impression does not count towards the total impressions you bought.
  • The Flash™ player/plugin is not installed on your computer or you have an older version than the one required by your banner, in which case the impression does not count towards the total impressions you bought.

The client is aware and accepts the fact that an exclusive advertising campaign is only visible by those visitors targeted in the campaign and whose computers are capable of displaying the ad.

The fact that you cannot see your banner on the website or that a computer blocks your banner does not constitute a legitimate claim for refund, discount, compensation, or breach of contract.

Our traffic managers, whom you can reach at banners@audiofanzine.net, are always ready to answer your questions regarding the proper distribution of your campaign.


For impressions-based campaigns, the distribution algorithm will try to display your banners as linearly as possible.

For example: for an advertising campaign consisting of 1.2 million impressions over 12 months, the algorithm will tend to display your banner 100,000 times per month.

However, because of seasonal variations and advertising space availability, the monthly number of impressions can vary. If the number of impressions over one month is too low, the algorithm will compensate by increasing the impressions during the following months so that the total number of impressions is met by the end of the contract. This variation does not constitute a legitimate claim for refund or breach of contract.

What you buy is exposure throughout the entire duration of the advertising campaign – not a given amount of impressions per hour, day, week or month. If for some reason during the advertising campaign the number of impressions is too high, the algorithm may suspend it for a few minutes, or even hours, in order to balance the total exposure over the entire duration of the campaign. Such pauses are normal and do not constitute a legitimate claim for refund, discount or breach of contract.

If the advertising campaign has been suspended for more than 24 hours on account of us, we will display the outstanding impressions at a campaign relaunch, unless the client asks for a “pro rata temporis” refund for the undisplayed banner. A justified campaign suspension by the algorithm due to a very high number of impressions will not constitute a legitimate claim for discount, breach of contract or a refund other than the “pro rata temporis”.


Our ad server detects the geographic location of our visitors thanks to the Quova database (http://www.quova.com/), which is the worldwide leading geolocation solution. Like any database, Quova is not exhaustive and might contain minor errors. It is also possible that some ISPs do not give any information about geographic location. For example: AOL is located in the USA even outside the US, Orange Pro is located in Paris even outside of Paris, a UK-based company connected via VPN to an Australian-based company will be located in Australia.

By default, your advertising campaign will be displayed on the entire website without any country restrictions.  While our English-speaking network receives visitors from all over the world, the vast majority come from the USA, UK, Germany, and Japan. You can opt to target a specific continent or a country. This targeting can lead to a CPM increase. However, location-based targeting will lead to an increase in campaign price in order to achieve the same number of impressions as a non-location-based advertising campaign.

It is not possible to target a specific country and a specific category at the same time, unless a special agreement has been previously approved by our sales team and our traffic managers.

If other advertisers asked for a specific target in a given country, their banner impressions in that country would have priority over advertisers without country targeting.

The fact that you do not see your banner in the country where you are does not mean that your banner is not being displayed.

For example: if you are a Canadian manufacturer promoting on the French Audiofanzine website and a Canadian dealer bought an advertising campaign targeting Canadian visitors only, the banner of the Canadian dealer will have more exposure in Canada. But your banner will have more exposure in France.

Partially Completed Campaigns

If you bought a campaign with a specific number of impressions and there are some outstanding impressions after the contract has expired:

  • By default, the advertising campaign carries on after the expiration date.
  • Based on your needs (if you were promoting an event, for example), we can suspend the outstanding banner impressions and start the campaign again at a later time specified by you with the same or another banner.
  • You can ask for a refund of the unused banner impressions at the end of the advertising campaign.

Anticipatory Breach of Contract

Advertising campaign contracts last from three to twelve months. Depending on the length of contract, we offer a discount on the total number of impressions of your campaign (e.g. 12 months x 100,000 impressions = 1.2 million total impressions). Therefore, anticipatory breach of contract results in a breach of contract fee corresponding to the campaign’s public price for the actual duration of the campaign.

For example: you signed for 100,000 impressions per month over twelve months (670€ per month), but you decide to stop the campaign after only three months. We will invoice you for the retail price of a three month campaign (900€ per month during three months) minus the amount you already payed (670€ per month during three months), thus the breach of contract fee would amount to 690€.

Contract Cancellation

If the client decides to cancel the contract before the campaign starts:

  • One month or more before the campaign starts, the client will have to pay 10% of the total price of the campaign;
  • Less than one month before the campaign starts, the client will have to pay 25% of the total price of the campaign.

Further Observations

The advertiser is responsible for all texts and ads published.

We reserve the right to reject an advertising order or advertising space reservation with or without notice for any reason.

The signing of an advertising order form by the client or his legal representative implies his acceptance of the Terms of Sales and the present General Terms of Sales, as well as the observance of the laws and directives on advertisement communication.

The advertising order is personal to the advertiser and may not be transferred. It must be signed and sent in before the campaign starts. The prices and General Terms of Sales applicable are those enforced at the time the campaign starts and stated in the advertising order signed by the advertiser.

Copyright and Competition Policies

The client or his legal representative acknowledges that he is the sole and exclusive author of the texts, drawings, pictures, sounds, etc. used or has the rights, permissions and/or licenses required for their use and reproduction.  The client or his legal representative certifies that the content of the ad does not contravene any right, regulation or law enforced (specifically regarding advertisement or competition) and that it does not include any defamatory or libelous claim about a third party. The advertiser and/or his legal representative agrees and warrants to release and hold us harmless from any and all claims or legal actions, whether in court or out of court, or judicial or extrajudicial penalties brought by third parties against us based on any of the reasons mentioned in the former paragraphs and more specifically due to the publication of an ad.


Prices depend on many factors including targeting. Here are the prices before adding options