Key Traffic Figures March 2014

Key Traffic Figures March 2014

Our network of sites has consistently received traffic from musicians around the world, in large part due to Audiofanzine’s leadership position in french-speaking countries. While we normally receive between 1.8-2 million monthly visits in our English-speaking network, one of our main goals this year has been to increase visits and membership from english speakers.

Doing so would validate the time and effort we dedicate towards generating key content in multiple languages, as visits and membership sign-ups signify the user’s desire to be kept informed about our latest articles, tutorials and guides in real-time.

We’re delighted to report that our efforts have paid off, as our english-speaking memberships and visits continue to enjoy accelerated growth!

Note: all statistics are calculated by the third party, Google Analytics.

English speaking figures

Our English-speaking network includes :

In March 2014, our English network reached:

2,012,830 visits (a 6.2% increase from last month)

4,692,871  page views (a 5.3% increase from last month)

with 676,730 members in total (a 0.5 % increase in EN-network membership)

Worldwide figures

Our worldwide network includes:

  • Our English network detailed above.
  • Audiofanzine in French, the leader in France, Belgium and Switzerland and also reaches the French-speaking community in Canada.
  • Our localized version of Audiofanzine in GermanSpanishItalian and Japanese

Our global figures achieved in March 2014:

5,125,778 visits (a healthy 2.6% increase from February’s statistics)

21,018,491 pageviews (also a 2.6% increase from last month)

1,118,652 members