Key Traffic Figures September 2014

Key Traffic Figures September 2014

As most students went back to school in September, it seems that many visited our network of sites to learn more about audio engineering and music production! Our sites experienced growth in virtually all areas, with an over 6% increase in pageviews across our entire network. This growth was even higher on our mobile sites, with a 7% increase in mobile visits to Audiofanzine in French, to go with a whopping 11% increase on all other mobile sites!

Our flagship site, Audiofanzine, along with HomeRecording and FutureProducers were also proud official partners of the first inaugural A3E Conference in Boston. Our very own Mike Levine (Editor of Audiofanzine in English) was on the conference’s highly esteemed panel of moderators. All in all, the show was a great experience and provided enlightening discussions on the future of an already rapidly evolving industry.

Finally, we’re happy to note that Audiofanzine in English represented the highest amount of growth from our English network, with a considerable 9.5% increase in visits to go with a remarkable 10.6% growth in pageviews!

While we’re certainly happy with this information, we will continue to innovate and deliver engaging content for anyone interested in learning more about pro audio, music production, musical instruments and sound engineering. With that said, here is a general overview of our sites’ performance in September of 2014.

Note: all statistics are calculated by the third party, Google Analytics.

English speaking figures

Our English-speaking network includes :

In September 2014, our English network reached:

1,436,222 visits

3,628,089 pageviews

693,001 validated members

Worldwide figures

Our worldwide network includes:

  • Our English network detailed above.
  • Audiofanzine in French, the leader in France, Belgium and Switzerland and also reaches the French-speaking community in Canada.
  • Our localized version of Audiofanzine in GermanSpanishItalian and Japanese

Our global figures achieved in September 2014:

4,247,065 visits (a substantial 6% growth from August)

18,999,600 pageviews (an impressive 6.4% growth from August)

1,145,467 validated members