Easter eggs bring server surprises

Easter eggs bring server surprises


Managing several different popular sites can often be a roller coaster ride. One tiny piece of code or one seemingly insignificant server issue can lead to a domino effect full of surprises, both good and bad. In such cases, it’s important to have a set of usable metrics to judge our network’s performance.

April 2015 provided some good examples as to why. During different upgrades, we had to blackout Audiofanzine for nearly one full day. This, along with Easter holidays, naturally lead to some decreases in visits and page views, as there are effectively fewer days in the month.

In such instances, our most useful method of measuring user engagement and the success of our content is page views per visit. In April of 2015, even in the midst of updates and holidays, we’re happy to report that our global page views per visit grew by 2% compared to last month’s already impressive numbers.

And now, here’s a breakdown of our network’s performance in April 2015:

English speaking figures

Our English-speaking network includes :

In April 2015, our English network reached:

1,436,273 visits

3,535,710 page views

705,615 validated members – increase of 0.3%

Worldwide figures

Our worldwide network includes:

  • Our English network detailed above.
  • Audiofanzine in French, the leader in France, Belgium and Switzerland and also reaches the French-speaking community in Canada.
  • Our localized version of Audiofanzine in GermanSpanishItalian and Japanese

Our global figures achieved in April 2015:

4,346,055 visits

19,214,853 page views

1,180,794 validated members – increase of 0.4%