Our Core Values

Nietzsche once said that without music, life would be a mistake.  Here at Bordas Media, we couldn’t agree more!

Bordas Media is driven by these core values:


1. Share our passion and expertise to help musicians improve themselves

Ever since the start of Audiofanzine, the site that started it all, our commitment to share our knowledge and passion for music has always been our driving force.


2. Put the end user at the center of our concern

Satisfying the end user by helping musicians through easily accessible and dependable information is our primary goal as well as the key to our website’s economic success. Listening to our users and their needs instead of imposing things on them is the modern vision of an economic strategy that allows our company to grow sustainably and respectfully.

Putting the end user at the center of our concern also means offering full editorial independence to ensure that users won’t be deceived. Bordas Media would rather refuse a commercial agreement than compromise its integrity. Our community is thankful for that, and thus has remained loyal and enthusiastic ever since the creation of Audiofanzine in 2000.


3. Provide free content

We are convinced that music should be accessible to everyone and it should not be limited by physical constraints. By offering our content totally free, we allow everyone to have access to knowledge, regardless of their situation.

There have been many members who have thanked us for helping them become better professionals in the music industry or discover new music creation tools.

That’s what drives us everyday to keep up this beautiful project.