Page views per visit continue to increase after NAMM

Page views per visit continue to increase after NAMM

With the cold of February come the challenges of life post-NAMM. February traffic is always expected to be slightly lower relative to January, given the fewer days in February, as well as the recovery from buzz generated from our comprehensive NAMM show coverage.

As such, our focus is to make sure that we continue to increase the number of page views provided by each visit to our sites. In that regard, we’re happy to report that page views/visit increased by 1% on Audiofanzine FR, 2.2% on Audiofanzine EN and 1.4% globally. A pleasant surprise, given the circumstances!

And now, here’s a breakdown of our network’s performance in February 2015:

English speaking figures

Our English-speaking network includes :

In February 2015, our English network reached:

1,452,413 visits

3,621,413 page views

702,155 validated members – increase of 2.1%

Worldwide figures

Our worldwide network includes:

  • Our English network detailed above.
  • Audiofanzine in French, the leader in France, Belgium and Switzerland and also reaches the French-speaking community in Canada.
  • Our localized version of Audiofanzine in GermanSpanishItalian and Japanese

Our global figures achieved in February 2015:

4,526,774 visits

19,963,610 page views

1,171,114 validated members – increase of 0.4%