Audiofanzine International

Audiofanzine is available in two languages:

We have been developing Audiofanzine’s concept on an international level since 2007 thanks to our unique CMS structure and the synergy effect between our websites.

Unique Service Offering

Audiofanzine is the only multi-specialized, multilingual and multi-content website dedicated to the pro audio and music industries.

MULTI-SPECIALIZED: from guitar to home studio, PA systems to drums… All musical instruments and all sorts of pro audio gear are presented on Audiofanzine. As such, Audiofanzine generates a synergistic effect between its different areas (a guitarist needs a home studio and a DAW to record, for example) while carefully categorizing the content in each section and accurately segmenting the content in each category, thus allowing for easy access to specific content while also enabling efficient market targeting.

BILINGUAL: Audiofanzine’s unique design allows us to offer the same services in different languages thanks to the French and English.

HYBRID: while other websites typically function as either a magazine or a community, Audiofanzine combines both concepts, providing an online magazine as well as an interactive community, while also providing additional services to its members. This diversity results in a perfect synergy effect between the different types of content – a key factor in Audiofanzine’s success story.

Thanks to these key factors, Audiofanzine is a unique media for both our members and clients. On the marketing level, Audiofanzine is the only platform that provides such multidimensional targeting.

Advertising solutions

Reach the world within one single contract!

  • GloCal advertising: benefit from a global contract with better rates while being able to have the same banner in different languages.
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