School is back in session!

School is back in session!



September is a tough time for students around the world, as it represents a rude awakening from an otherwise awesome summer. For us, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s because, during these difficult times, students and parents alike come to our network to get their fill on audio gear and musical instruments.

Mobile visits has grown, with Audiofanzine FR’s mobile site leading the way by growing 4% compared to last month. Pageviews per visit (i.e. how engaged members are during their visit) also grew, with Audiofanzine EN leading the way at 3%. So to all of our members out there, whether you’re going back to recording school or just dropping the kids off at the local kindergarten, thank you for coming to our sites to help you get through it all!

Here are our stats for September 2015 :

English speaking figures

Our English-speaking network includes :

In September 2015, our English network reached:

1,294,926 visits

3,099,062 page views

714,546 validated members

Worldwide figures

Our worldwide network includes:

  • Our English network detailed above.
  • Audiofanzine in French, the leader in France, Belgium and Switzerland and also reaches the French-speaking community in Canada.
  • Our localized version of Audiofanzine in GermanSpanishItalian and Japanese

Our global figures achieved in September 2015:

4,106,074 visits (growth of 4.7%)

18,072,988 page views (growth of 7.1%)

1,203,029 validated members