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Desktop Advertising banners are the perfect marketing solution for branding, brand reorientation, product launches or direct sales.

Excellent for reaching a wide range of musicians regardless of which specific instrument they’re playing, banners can be used for informing an audience of a newly released multi-faceted product, upcoming promotional events, sponsored concerts, trade shows or anything else that will benefit from visibility to a large audience.


Key Advantages

  • Wide reach (up to 1,9 million unique visitors per month)
  • High volumes available
  • Perfect for massive product launch or branding


Options and Rules



On desktop campaigns, our banners have four formats: 160×600, 750×200, 600×200 and 300×250 pixels

On mobile campaigns, our banners have 2 formats: 320×50 (top banner) and 300×250 (bottom banner) pixels

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