Mobile Advertising

Goals and Key Advantages

Mobile advertising offers several advantages including the possibility to:

  • reach smartphone owners even while they’re on their desktops!
  • advertise apps directly on the user’s smartphone
  • convert impressions to buyers through m-commerce sales
  • reach users that are closest to your local business


With 40% of our users accessing our sites through their smartphones and tablets, our mobile users are now a big contributor to our overall traffic. To give you an idea of the total volume of mobile traffic, we currently have over 3 million monthly page impressions from smartphone and tablet users. A number that is consistently growing. You can already target our mobile users on, and


We have two campaign’s options:

  • advertising banners with 2 formats : 320×50 (top banner) and 300×250 (bottom banner)
  • *NEW* the SLIDE-IN is a premium banner displayed over the content at the bottom of the screen taking up the entire width of the mobile screen, visible on any page and whatever the position of the scroll.


Mobile advertising banners can be visible to:


  Tiaa IK Multimedia

“We’re delighted that AudioFanzine offers us the opportunity to specifically target their mobile users. Information about our iOS products show up on users’ devices on the same platform which means very good and targeted return on investment. AudioFanzine’s readers are very focused on cutting-edge technology. Let’s keep it going!”            

– Tiia Hassinen, IK Multimedia