Price Section Visibility

Goals and Key Advantages

Audiofanzine is the ideal place for your brand to sell its products.  Visitors appreciate our honest reviews, engaged community and enormous product database, and regularly use our content to research everything about the products that they’re considering buying.

As such, our price engine on Audiofanzine provides several key advantages for any retailer in the music industry, including:

Higher ROI: This isn’t your typical price section where people browse gear online and hope that one stands out.  Viewers become increasingly interested in your products as they learn more through their favorite sections on Audiofanzine, and having your store’s pricing visible on every section during this moment is invaluable.

Geolocalization: Give your local shop an edge by showing customers exactly how close you are to them.

Online Store Section: If you have online specials that differ from prices at your local store, you can easily communicate them to your customers.

Branding opportunities: Your logo is placed next to each of your product listings.  As such, your customers will always know what types of gear you offer and associate your brand with the products and promotions that they’re after.

Technical Documentation

Click here to learn more about the technical information we’ll need to get your store online ASAP!

Pricing and Contact Info

Pricing depends on your brand’s specific needs.  If you’re interested in giving your store visibility to millions of potential buyers in North America and Europe, please contact us with how many products you have in your database and we will provide you with a personalized offer.