Run-of-Site Banners


Run-of-site banners are the perfect marketing solution for branding, brand reorientation, product launches or direct sales.

Excellent for reaching a wide range of musicians regardless of which specific instrument they’re playing, run-of-site banners can be used for informing an audience of a newly released multi-faceted product, upcoming promotional events, sponsored concerts, trade shows or anything else that will benefit from visibility to a large, non-specific group of musicians.

Key Advantages

  • Wide reach (up to 1,9 million unique visitors per month)
  • High volumes available
  • Perfect for massive product launch or branding


  • Geolocalization: reach the specific continent/countries/states related to your business
  • Capping: limit your page impressions per unique visitor in order to maximize your reach with a limited budget
  • Desktop/mobile targeting readily available


Mike Clem run of site


“Advertising globally on the Bordas Media network allows us to meet customers with a wide range of interests, from guitar players to DJ, from home recording musicians to live sound engineers.”

Mike Clem,


SAE CHE Portrait_Bjorn_Schmelter


We used Bordas Media’s Run-of-Site services in order to efficiently geotarget Swiss-based consumers. Our campaign was the perfect solution, helping us reach our target audience without spending any of our budget on irrelevant consumers.”

Björn Schmelter, SAE Institute (Marketing Manager Switzerland)


Violetta Beyerdynamic


“Our Run-of-Site campaign on the Bordas Media network allows us to to achieve massive brand exposure at an affordable price.  This campaign was key in quickly and efficiently reaching our target consumers”

Violetta Schiller, Beyerdynamic

Technical Info

On desktop campaigns, our banners have four formats: 160×600, 750×200, 600×200 and 300×250 pixels

On mobile campaigns, our banners have 2 formats: 320×50 (top banner) and 300×250 (bottom banner) pixels

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