Targeted Banners


Targeted banners can be used for branding, brand reorientation, product launches or direct sales.

Since 2003, we’ve offered all kinds of targeting: by category, sub-category, brand, product, country, price, device, keyword, and more.

Targeted banners are one of the best marketing tools to reach the right audience with the most relevant message.


Key Advantages

  • Endless custom targeting possibilities for the best R.O.I.
  • Multiple formats available (160×600, 750×200, 600×200, 300×250 and 320×50 pixels)



We offer many different targeting options for smarter advertising:

  • Section targeting: You target a main category (e.g. guitar) and we will automatically target the relevant audiences on our entire network
  • Category/sub-category targeting: Are you are interested in only reaching live consoles? Dynamic microphones? Virtual pianos? No problem!
  • Brand/Product-based targeting: So long as your product/brand is not a direct competitor to the brand you want to target, we can offer such targeting. Great when selling online training for ProTools products!
  • Geographic location: We can target by continent, state, country or even city (certain conditions apply)

We also offer additional customizable options for targeted campaigns

  • Capping: limit your page impressions per unique visitor in order to maximize the efficiency of your campaign
  • Desktop/mobile: you can target desktop users, smartphone/tablet users or both.



Gabriel Mendrano


We were able to use multiple campaigns within our contract with Bordas Media.  Our targeted banner campaign helped us reach all of our ideal segments including live sound, DJ gear, guitar gear, and lighting.  To reach each of these segments with their own unique message was a huge plus for us.”

Gabriel Medrano, Adam Hall



Niclas Fogwall


“For our targeted banner campaign, we were hoping to target as specific a category as possible in order to maximize our MROI. Bordas Media’s services allowed us to make our banners visible only to visitors on their Acoustic Virtual Piano category.  The customization available was a huge asset to our efforts.”

Niclas Fogwall, Modartt




Using a Targeted Banner campaign on Bordas Media’s network allowed us to customize every aspect of our campaign with ease.  With it, we reached exactly who we wanted with exactly the right message. Also, detailed stats on the performance of each campaign has been way above average.” 

Kim Bang, TC Electronic



focal pro

“Targeted banners made it easy to sub-target in the ‘amps and monitoring’ category.  This high level of customization directly correlated to an increase in CTR, which was great!”

Nicolas Debard, Focal Professional



Technical Info

On desktop campaigns, our banners have four formats: 160×600, 750×200, 600×200 and 300×250 pixels banners.

On mobile campaigns, our banners have 2 formats : 320×50 (top banner) and 300×250 (bottom banner).

See our technical specs.


Prices and Contact Info

Prices depend on multiple factors including, but not limited to :

  • Volume/duration of page impressions
  • Targeting (categories/sub-categories, products, geographic targeting)
  • Desktop/mobile targeting
  • Options such as capping…

Contact us us with your needs and we will provide you a personalized offer.


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