Worldwide Reviews


You made an amazing product, you loved reviews published on Audiofanzine (English or French) and you would like to spread the word in some specific countries?

This non-advertising solution will give you the worldwide visibility that you deserve while making our visitors happy!


Key Advantages

  • Non-intrusive, informative visibility
  • Well-appreciated by the communities and visitors
  • Localized content for local customers
  • High impact on potential buyers
  • Reviews are sent to our readership in the targeted country, in addition of home page visibility



  • Editorial review translation: currently we can translate and publish your review(s).
  • User reviews translations: we can translate one or many of the user reviews from our french and english members.



We don’t get paid for writing reviews, we will not modify our editorial reviews contents during translations, and we will not modify user contents. This, for both our core values of our company and for legal issues.



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“Audiofanzine has an enthusiastic and well-targeted readership — and not just in French.  So when we got a positive review on our Studio One 2 DAW, I didn’t hesitate to expand its influence to five more languages that Audiofanzine serves.  The modest translation costs have been far outweighed by the sales response”

Ron Koliha, PreSonus




“Thank you very much for a fast, efficient and cost-effective translation service! I’m really pleased that our Japanese distributor and customers can benefit from such a thorough and well thought-out review of BFD3.”

Rhiannon Bankston-Thomas, FXpansion


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Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information or a quote (please give us the link of the review you would like to have translated).