Technical Specs (Site Takeovers and Banners)

(Document version: v1.3 – 2016-02-16)

Content Submission (Site Takeovers)

  • Your direct contact for the submission of banners is:, with your sales representative in CC
  • All content must be submitted at least one week before the campaign launches.
  • By content we mean:
    • a PSD (Photoshop) file (and not a flattened file) based on the PSD (Photoshop) template. We will make a PNG/Jpeg file from your PSD file.
    • A redirect link

Content Submission (Banners)

  • Your direct contact for the submission of banners is:, with your sales representative in CC
  • All content must be submitted at least one week before the campaign launches
  • By content we mean:
    • One or several banners
    • A link for each banner
    • In case the advertising campaign includes several categories (for example, guitar and home studio), please mention the target category for each of the banners

Technical Specifications for All Banners

DESKTOP banners

  • File size: less than 100 Kb
    (see “Flash banner optimization” below)
  • Accepted formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, Flash
  • Available document sizes (width x height):
    • Wide (160×600 pixels) or standard Skyscraper (120×600 pixels)
    • Leaderboard: 728×90 pixels
    • Rectangle (if included in the insertion order) : 300×250 pixels


Skyscraper banner example, 160×600 pixels



Rectangle banner example, 300×250 pixels (visible on both desktop AND mobile sites)


Leaderboard banner example, 728×90 pixels




MOBILE banners

  • File sizes : < 30 KB
  • Accepted format: JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • Banner sizes: 320×50 (top banners) and 300×250 (bottom banners)


Mobile banner example, 320×50 pixels




Flash Banner Particulars

  • Please remember that Flash banners should be made only for desktop version, as a lot of mobile devices don’t show Flash.
  • Please do not forget to provide the target link of the banner with the file.
  • We recommend that you use ActionScript 2 and export a Flash Player 7 or 8 optimized version to guarantee full compatibility with all browsers and most Flash versions.
  • Do not use any default sounds in your banners. For banners with audio, all sound must be activated when the user clicks on the banner (and not when he moves the mouse over the banner).
  • We strongly recommend that you provide us an alternative JPEG, PNG or GIF version of the Flash banner so that visitors without the Flash plugin can also see your banner.
  • Follow the instructions to assign a clickTAG:

We use DoubleClick for publishers (DFP by Google). Please carefully  follow the instructions on how to implement the clickTag (

This “clicktag” variable will be filled on our side on DFP. When you send your flash banner to, don’t forget to write which URL you want the banner to redirect to.

Recommendations for Banners

  • Did you know that you can get a better return on investment with simple banners? Our experience shows that static banners (in JPEG and PNG) have a better click-through rate than Flash banners. Given the profile of our visitors, they are more receptive to informative advertisement (nice pictures, simple texts) than to a animated ad.
  • Flash banner optimization:
    • Source pictures must be JPEG files (as opposed to non-compressed bitmaps).
    • JPEG files can be compressed up to 60% without any apparent quality loss.
    • For solid colors (a screenshot, for example) use GIF or PNG formats.
    • When possible (and in case you are a programmer at heart), use vector layers rather than bitmap layers.