Top Performers in the Global MI & PA Industry

Top Performers in the Global MI & PA Industry

The world, at large

The industry today looks nothing like it did merely 10 years ago. With the barriers to music products sales worldwidemaking music, recording, and amplifying sound continuing to lower more quickly than ever before, the whole landscape has shifted. Unit sales have skyrocketed to numbers that previously would’ve been considered inconceivable. Subscription-based pricing is not only becoming more feasible, but more profitable, given the increasingly prevalent use of software in music production.

The good news is that the industry continues to grow after a particularly rough recessionary period, and is projected to reach new peaks within the next couple of years. However, to keep this growth going, it’s important to analyze trends on a local scale and apply these insights to your global strategy.

Thinking locally

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Local prosperity is the single most important determinant of music products sales in any given country. It simply isn’t pertinent to develop strategies by region, alone. Colombia represented one of 2014’s best performing markets, with 4.5% growth over the previous year, yet neighboring Venezuela represented the worst-performing market of the year, with a disastrous 43.1% decrease in sales over the previous period. Why is that? Well, to start, Venezuela’s annual inflation rose to 63.4% in 2014, doubling, or even tripling the cost of imported music products.

In addition to local prosperity, local tastes and cultures also have a significant effect on the marketing and operational strategies needed in order to succeed in each individual market. EDM is arguably more popular in Germany than anywhere else. Why is that? Is it because Native Instruments and Ableton call Germany their home, and thus directly influence the local population’s musical tastes? Or are these skilled manufacturers simply there as a by-product of Germany’s predisposition to EDM? Given the UK’s deep-seated tradition of folk music, does that help explain why the UK’s guitar sales were 30% higher than those of neighboring France, even though it has a smaller overall population? What makes each local market special and how can we most effectively reach such markets with our products?

In short, if you aren’t consistently researching and adapting to changes in local economies and musical tastes, then you are putting your brand at a severe disadvantage.

We speak their language

In a perfect world, every brand would have localized teams that truly understand their markets and can influence strategy accordingly. However, while some manufacturers enjoy such luxuries, many do not. That’s where we come in.

Our flagship site, Audiofanzine, is the undisputed leader in France, the world’s 5th largest market. It’s also the leader for french speakers in Belgium (15th) and Switzerland (17th). These three markets, alone, account for over $1.02 billion in music products sales. So regardless of the size or location of your company, we can help you cost-effectively penetrate french-speaking markets with our targeted banners and targeted site takeovers better than anyone else.

However, while we’re proud of our french roots, one of our missions at Bordas Media has always been to connect the world through the mutual love of music. That’s why Audiofanzine is also available in English, German,Spanish, Italian and Japanese, providing newsletters and content unique to each local market. In other words, we speak the same language as 9 of the top 10 markets (pictured here) and 18 out of the world’s top 38 music product markets, which account for $13.6 billion out of $16.9 billion in music product sales.

So when considering a global marketing strategy, you can go to a few country-specific leaders and pay exorbitant prices for inferior segmentation, or you can come to us, where reaching millions of monthly readers from multiple countries at once with industry-leading segmentation will actually provide you with discounted pricing!

So whether you’re looking to have our honest, in-depth reviews translated and promoted in a variety of different languages, or just want to improve brand recognition abroad, let us reach local markets to help you improve your global reputation.

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-the Bordas Media team-